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    • New Aura 100% human remy hair extensions made from the finest human hair. Unlike synthetic hair this means you can wash it, curl it, straighten it and even dye it!
    • Matakki Flower hairdressing scissors - 100% hand made scissors from the finest Japanese 440C steel.
    • Why spend hundreds of pounds on your prized hair extensions and then ruin them with a cheap hairbrush? It’s a hair thing are OFFICIAL STOCKIST of all Hair Tools and Head Jog hairdressing brushes. We stock the largest selection of hairdressing back combing and hair extension hair brushes.
    • http://www.itsahairthing.com/ts/kamisori-hairdressing-scissors-barber-shears
    • Denman hair brushes
Products on Sale

Hair Tools Vibe Straighteners Black or Pink

$182.88 ex VAT $30.64 ex VAT

Ice Diamond Digital Hair Straightener

The Ice Diamond Digital Styling Iron combines the latest technology with a sleek, light ergonomic design.
$146.30 ex VAT $54.85 ex VAT

Matakki Black Titanium Scissor Set

Matakki Scissor Set With FREE Ice Diamond Straightener (worth £39.99)
$274.33 ex VAT $182.88 ex VAT

Matakki Toya Value Set

20% discount when you buy this Toya set.
$91.43 ex VAT $73.14 ex VAT

Matakki Zebra Set

Matakki Zebra Hairdressing Scissors Set 5.5" scissors for high quality cutting! Dare to be different?
$146.30 ex VAT $91.43 ex VAT