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    • New Aura 100% human remy hair extensions made from the finest human hair. Unlike synthetic hair this means you can wash it, curl it, straighten it and even dye it!
    • Matakki Flower hairdressing scissors - 100% hand made scissors from the finest Japanese 440C steel.
    • Why spend hundreds of pounds on your prized hair extensions and then ruin them with a cheap hairbrush? It’s a hair thing are OFFICIAL STOCKIST of all Hair Tools and Head Jog hairdressing brushes. We stock the largest selection of hairdressing back combing and hair extension hair brushes.
    • http://www.itsahairthing.com/ts/kamisori-hairdressing-scissors-barber-shears
    • Denman hair brushes
Featured Products

Design Doo - Ultra Zero Thinning Scissors 23 Teeth

7.289,62 kr ex VAT 6.813,52 kr ex VAT

Hair Tools Head Jog Quad Brush Set

158,59 kr ex VAT 126,85 kr ex VAT

Ice Diamond Pink Hair Straightener

BEST SELLER - Ice Diamond Pink Hair Straightener - New 2013 model.
740,49 kr ex VAT 370,19 kr ex VAT

Kamisori Black Diamond - New 2014 Model

For anyone who has ever seen a pair of Kamisori shears before, you know the quality you can expect from Kamisori. Each shear is handmade from the finest Japanese steel
3.491,29 kr ex VAT 2.115,89 kr ex VAT